Visit to Annamrita (ISKCON Food Relief Foundation)

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, engaged in distributing meals to underprivileged children in aided and non-aided schools under the brand name ‘Annamrita’. “Annamrita” means food as pure as nectar.  Annamrita has resolved to liberate the underprivileged from this vicious cycle by serving children with sanctified food. Imbued with a spiritual ambiance in annamrita’s hi-tech kitchens, the khichdi prepared nourishes the mind, body and soul alike.

We plan to organize a visit to the kitchen, which would give the First Giving Club members a First Hand experience of  the daily operations of the kitchen. It is an experience in itself to the see the organised manner in which, the hi-tech kitchen operations are carried out, keeping in mind, the highest standards to hygiene and cleanliness.

The dates for the visit would be announced soon, as the schools would be shut for vacations currently.