Trusts & Foundations

On Friday, February 11th, GiveIndia hosted its third workshop “Trust/Foundation: Why, when & How?” for the members of First Givers Club. The workshop began with a summary of the First Givers Club activities from July 2010 to January 2011. The attendees of the workshop were addressed by Mr. Venkat Krishnan, Director of GiveIndia helping the members of the First Givers Club to reflect on “Should I setup my own Foundation or Trust” for charitable purpose. Mr. Manoj Fogla, renowned consultant and legal advisor discussed the legal structures available to register and setup a trust or a foundation and various processes involved. The workshop was highly engaging & interactive and also featured a discussion session between individual members sharing their personal experiences on the pros & cons of setting up a foundation/trust.


Trusts/Foundation: Why & When?

Trusts/Foundation: How?


Deepa Varadarajan, Head HNI Giving, GiveIndia

Venkat Krishnan, Founder, GiveIndia

Manoj Fogla

He is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is consultant and legal advisor to various international funding agencies, voluntary organizations and corporate foundations. He has authored several books on the law, governance, financial management and audit of voluntary organizations

Sameer Bhakri