Rohini Nilekani & Nandan Nilekani at the GiveIndia, First Givers Club Signature Workshop


GiveIndia, First Givers Club organised an interactive session with Ms. Rohini Nilekani & Mr. Nandan Nilekani at The Trident, Nariman Point on Monday 12th January. There was a strong positive response form the First Givers Club members with over 20 families participating along with a few individuals from partnering NGO’s.

The event structure allowed Mr. & Ms. Nilekani to share their personal philanthropic journey with the gathering, with the help of an interactive session moderated by Mr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy (Partner, IVFA)

The event included an interesting and detailed Q&A session where the participants got an opportunity to clear their doubts with respect to their own individual philanthropy and get some in-depth insights on how one can expand and improve their philanthropic portfolio.

During the event, there were several interesting points covered both by the panel as well as the participants. While in the midst of discussing ‘Impact Measurement’, Mr. Nilekanisaid “Don’t take up things only that can be measured, measure what can be measured, hold yourself accountable”. One of the questions asked to the speakers were, “How do you decide where to give”? to which Ms. Nilekani responded “Support the cause that you are passionate about as well as the one you are not so passionate about, this will help you diversify your giving”

A few key takeaways from the discussion on challenges in scaling your giving were:

  • Just putting a child in school will not help…to increase the learning power you also require better teachers, better admin, budgeting, management…need improved governance…these gaps need to be filled.
  • Non – profit organizations lack absorption capacity…they don’t have a proper team
  • Need awareness building, leadership building, ideological matchmaking between the givers and the receivers.

Overall it was a very good event with a great deal of insights being shared by our speakers and the audience. Click the link to see the full video of the event on our YouTube channel. Recommend you to please use your headphones for quality of audio.