Philanthropy Portfoio Management

Personalized Philanthropy Portfolio
We help philanthropists navigate the journey of understanding their preferences and defining their goals. Based on the values and priorities of the donor we work closely with them to identify credible non- profits and relevant projects for them to support.

Project Evaluation and Monitoring
We help donors and non-profits to maintain healthy and productive relationships by providing regular updates to donors on the progress of the projects they are supporting. Relying on GiveIndia’s robust credibility assurance system we work with non-profits to ensure that donors are informed about social outcomes of their donations. Upload a PDF describing GiveIndia Due Diligence

First Givers Club Events
Over the years we have created a community of engaged and inspired givers. Our club events are curated to facilitate sharing of experiences and insights among the members in a trusted environment. We create learning opportunities for members through well structured visits and interactions with inspiring non-profit practitioners, as well as other experts. Our events are only open to all members of the First Givers Club.

Working alongside our members we help them realize their dream philanthropic projects of a significant value, which require contributions from multiple donors. We help them mobilize their networks and raise resources towards these projects. We provide backend fundraising support and due- diligence for the implementation of the projects.

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