NGO Visits

11th Dec, 2010: Visit to Mumbai Mobile Creches: A visit to Mumbai Mobile Creches was organised on 11th Dec, 2010, 11 am to 1 pm for the First Givers Club members. The visit provided an opportunity to understand the issues of  the children of the construction workers at construction sites and the activities that Mumbai Mobile Creches has undertaken to ensure safe, happy, healthy and educated childhood for these children. Click to view pictures of MMC visit

11th August, 2012: Visit to Muktangan – Love Grove School: Donors of the school decided to celebrate the birthday of their 2 sons with the children of Muktangan. They got along with them McDonalds Happy Meal and used it as an opportunity to celebrate the birthday of every child in school. The children wore their biggest smiles, sung Happy Birthday and interacted with the donors in English. The visit was more than just an opportunity to interact, it brought alive the difference the donors had made to the lives of so many children and teachers. Click to view pictures of Muktangan visit