ffeFoundation for Excellence (FFE) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary of service in Excellence in 2014!

FFE successfully launched its Work Based Mentoring program in partnership with Mentor Together, a NGO with experience in mentoring youth. The pilot program in Bangalore has successfully matched 110 corporate mentors to FFE scholar mentees. Corporate mentors include 50 Intel employees and leadership from Cisco, Bosch, Volvo, HP, IBM and Google. The technology platform where meetings are logged, curriculum and skills training is monitored and progress tracked, is expected to provide data analytics and impact measures.

The second initiative, FFE’s Skill Development Program has been launched in partnership with MSDF (Michael and Susan Dell Foundation) and includes:

  • Skill/Aptitude testing for all FFE-MSDF scholars (360 students)
  • Training on specific skills based on gaps

FFE is partnering with third parties to pilot the Skill Development Program. It is expected that the program can be extended to all FFE scholars based on the results of the pilot.

FFE continues to host Open House events in the larger cities and metros with a view to meet, interact, engage and strengthen our relationship with all FFE stakeholders. The growing participation and engagement of FFE scholars and alumni at Open House events hosted in Dharwad, Pune and Bengaluru bear testimony to the interest and commitment of scholars to helping FFE grow. This engagement and community building initiative whose success is key to FFE’s self- sustainability model, is possible through funding and support from key partners of IVFA for which FFE is deeply grateful.