PRS Legislative Research (PRS)

prsThe big news of the quarter month is the formation of a new government following the sixteenth general elections.  The first session of Parliament is in progress  The budget has been presented on 10th of July.

One amends the TRAI Act to permit the chairman to take up any post two years after demitting office.  GDP data for 2013-14 came in.  The overall growth was 4.7% over the previous fiscal year. The worrying news was that manufacturing and mining registered a decline over the previous year.

The Supreme Court struck down section 6A of the Prevention of Corruption Act, which required prior sanction for initiating inquiry against an officer of the rank of Joint Secretary or higher.  The President gave assent to the Whistleblower Protection Bill.

The Supreme Court delivered two judgements related to education.  In one, it held that two Articles [15(5) and 21A] – which permit reservations in educational institutions and guarantee right to elementary education – do not violate the basic structure.  It also said that the right to education act cannot require minority institutions to provide reservation for backward sections.  The other judgement held that parents have the right to decide the medium of instruction in school for their children.

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