ffeFoundation For Excellence ( is planning to launch 2 new initiatives during the new financial   year, in an effort to enrich students’ lives beyond financial help. FFE will launch a pilot mentoring program, aimed at students in the 2nd and 3rd year of Engineering in Bangalore. Mentors are being screened from corporates (Bosch, HP, Cisco, Intel, Google, etc.) and the one-on-one mentoring is a work-based program with a skill/curriculum framework to guide the mentors. Weekly mentoring and monitoring/tracking for up to 9 months for 120 FFE scholar-mentors pairs in Bangalore and Pune will be launched in August 2014. The technology platform is expected to provide data analytics and impact measures.

The second focus is to offer soft skills training to all students through an online technology platform. This program is in the early stages of planning and a pilot program is expected to be launched.