Annual Summit

Today in a regime of unprecedented growth, we live in a rapidly developing economy characterized with inequity of opportunities. The government and market forces alone cannot address the magnitude of problems interwoven together. This calls for an action from individuals and like-minded philanthropists to create a significant difference towards enabling inclusive growth in India.

1st FGC summit

First Givers Club aims to provide a unique and enriching platform by building a community of people looking to make a significant contribution to development in India. First Givers Club intends to facilitate the creation of a platform that will enable a meaningful dialogue through a consistent process of shared inputs and suggestions leading to a step change in philanthropy. The members would have an opportunity to learn and interact with experienced philanthropists, dynamic social entrepreneurs and leading policy makers in the field.

2nd FGC summit

First Givers Club workshops and activities will engage, inform and help you become more passionate about cultivating an approach to drive the philanthropy in India. To this end, we would be holding five workshops focused around specific domain areas like Education, Livelihoods, Women & Children, Health, and Disability & Elderly. Each workshop would be accompanied by a sector analysis report to ensure that you have the latest information on how your funding can make the most difference.

3rd FGC Summit

Membership to this club is by invitation only and for individuals serious about their philanthropic intent. The members have a stated intent to donate a minimum of Rs.5 Lakhs and to engage at least 40 hrs of their time p.a. to any cause(s) of their choice (not necessarily through GiveIndia).