Innovative Education Programme of Paragon Charitable Trust – Muktangan

Supported by First Givers Club Members

Two of our First Givers Club members wanted to support capacity building or training of teachers. The projects showcased to them included supporting fellows teaching in government schools, teachers’ training in an institute, training of teachers supporting girls’ education in remotest parts of India and adopting a school incorporating all aspects of quality education. Out of the different projects show-cased they found Muktangan’s “Whole School Approach” model of quality education to be interesting. Muktangan’s model is centred on the concept of improving the capacity of community women and training them to become teachers. The need of the project was to provide sustained support to one of the Muktangan schools.

Muktangan is an educational programme that offers alternatives to orthodox educational practices. The project seeks to offer a sustainable model of quality education at an affordable cost for the economically deprived sections of the society. Muktangan Municipal Schools (currently operating at 7 MCGM schools) aim to provide child-centred, high-quality, low-cost inclusive English education to children in G-South Ward, Mumbai, Maharashtra, through an innovative curriculum and teachers trained from the local communities. The purpose of the project is to offer meaningful education to economically disadvantaged sections of society, by adopting more effective teaching methods and increasing child-teacher interaction in class through the enhancement of the teacher-student ratio.

Muktangan has adopted an open learning environment approach to education where all children can blossom.  Children are encouraged to explore their own ideas in a well-resourced, colourful environment. The child is viewed as an individual capable of making his/ her learning choices. Patient observation on the part of teacher is rewarded with a better understanding of where the child is on his/her own learning journey.

The project also provides the young women of the community with an opportunity for meaningful employment, to educate themselves professionally and to contribute to the community, while simultaneously becoming financially independent. Muktangan provides in-service teacher training to both pre-primary & primary teachers, which in turn would ensure the retention of students, and quality of schooling through assessment tests in the adopted BMC schools.  The teachers have a tremendous level of curiosity and eagerness to learn new things and update themselves from time to time. Most of the teachers have completed SSC and after joining Muktangan they have developed confidence and interest in studying further and are pursuing their further studies.

Curriculum review meetings with all the school faculties on every Friday help in exchange of idea over different topics and content enrichment of the respective subject. Muktangan also has parent partnership programme which includes bi-monthly meetings with the parents. These meetings also include the activities done in the classroom with children so that they understand experiential learning.

The First Givers Club members had visited the Muktangan School on 17th Jan 2011 and were very impressed with the interactions with the facilitators and the teachers who answered all of their queries related to curriculum, teaching, planning, daily activities etc.


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